To better prepare Africa’s youth to
succeed and participate in the 21st century


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The African Development Foundation was created in 2003 as an international non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, to promote goodwill and strengthen relationships between America and Africa through youth-oriented initiatives. Our outreach includes providing African youths with computer training, health-related resources, and recreational outlets.

In this information age of rapidly developing technology, it’s imperative to better prepare Africa’s youth to succeed and participate in the 21st century world of global productivity.

We are therefore committed to offering programs and resources to create opportunities that might otherwise be absent in their lives. This includes:

• Education
• Sports Initiatives
• Health Awareness Campaigns


With the help from concerned individuals, organizations, and corporate sponsors, we are proud to serve disadvantaged African youths that are eager to learn and deserve the pleasures of recreation.

Our learning centers will provide free-access to learn computer skills, study computer educational courses, and utilize the Internet. Classes are designed to improve academic proficiency and develop employable skills. Our training model inspires education in a fun and easy-to-learn environment.

Sports Initiatives
In conjunction with professional athletes, sports associations, and sports companies, we donate recreational supplies and equipment; organize sports clinics; and build baseball fields and basketball courts.

Health Awareness Campaign
The Learning Centers will also be used to disseminate information. In partnership with local government agencies and private organization, we intend to launch campaigns to education and counsel students and adults.