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ADF Makes Continued Strides in Ghana

The ADF just returned on May 7th from a one week working visit to Ghana, where great progress is being made in the ADF’s initiative to develop Little League Baseball in Africa.  Ghana, along with Uganda, has been selected as a host country to develop a functioning model for baseball that will be implemented in other African countries. 

Since the launching of the project in February, the excitement of the kids and the support of the Ghanaian government have been tremendous.  Sponsors include Major League Baseball (MLB), Spalding, Adidas, and Irani Brothers of Ghana.   

As a response to the overwhelming number of kids who want to play baseball, the Ministry of Education and Sports has agreed to establish and operate an Office of Baseball Development, with a staff and office space within the ministry.  In addition to helping to administrate, promote, and implement the sport of baseball throughout the country, the Office of Baseball Development will also serve to:

  • Signup and register kids

  • Recruit players, coaches, and umpires

  • Store equipment

  • Show instructional videos and baseball games

  • Organize playing schedules

  • Oversee the building and maintenance of fields

Plans are now underway for Ghana to participate in a MLB sponsored initiative called the Envoy Program, where coaches are sent around to world to train people as baseball coaches.  Since the entire nation of Ghana will be preoccupied watching its national soccer team, the Black Stars, compete in the World Cup in June as well as other sporting events taking place in the months of July and August, September has been set as the target date for Ghana to receive the coaching Envoys.

During the visit, a special exhibition game was organized for the kids to showcase their skills.  Twelve year-old catcher and first baseman, Abdul Malik Ibrahim, hit two monstrous homeruns and performed impressive plays behind the plate to claim the coveted MVP Award.  Congrats once again to Abdul and all the kids who participated.