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Africa faces serious challenges providing its youths with quality education. The rippling effect has resulted in large numbers of undereducated youths who lack basic computer skills. Unlike in America, African children do not have general access to computers at home, school, or the library. Most Africans under age 20 have never used a computer or the Internet.

The educational goal of the African Development Foundation is therefore to make more human and technical resources available for African youths to gain greater access to computers. We are developing a model for Computer Learning Centers that will facilitate under-served African youths with a well-structured means to improve their education and acquire computer skills. We will employ an educational concept that entails combining education and computer skills with recreational outlets to inspire learning and create excitement. 

Our easily replicated model will provide free-access for children to learn basic computer skills; study computer based educational courses; undergo specialized job training courses; and utilize the Internet. The programs of the ADF will equip otherwise excluded Africans with marketable computer skills that will enable them to function and participate in today’s expanding world of technology.