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Goodwill Tour Television Schedule & Media Coverage

SportsNet New York (SNY), New York's 24/7 regional sports and entertainment television network, accompanied the ADF on our 4-day African Goodwill Baseball Tour to Ghana.  SNY will broadcast a special four-part series on this historic tour beginning Sunday, 2/11 at 10 PM.  Viewers in New York, Connecticut, most of New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania with Cablevision can watch on channel 60 and those with Warner Cable on channel 44.  Direct TV subscribers can watch on channel 625. 

The viewing schedule is as follows:

  • Four condensed segments will air every Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday at 6 PM, 10 PM, and 1AM starting this Sun 2/11 @ 10 PM.  Click here to view Part 1.

  • The full special will air in its entirety on Wed 2/28 at 9:30 PM.  

  • Segments will re-air throughout March and elements are also scheduled to air in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Denver and Sacramento.

  • In addition, some of the latest media coverage can be accessed at the following sites

Baseball a hit in Ghana - World - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper http://www.washingtontimes.com/world/20070206-121444-1982r.htm

iTeam Blog http://blogs.nydailynews.com/iteam/ 

New York Daily News - Mets - Ya Ghana believe! http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/story/494601p-416638c.html

OMAR'S GHANA TAKE TRIP By MICHAEL MORRISSEY - Mets - New York Post Online http://www.nypost.com/seven/01272007/sports/mets/omars_ghana_take_trip_mets_michael_morrissey.htmm